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How to be Your Best Valentine This Week and Every Week

How to be Your Best Valentine This Week and Every Week

Regardless of whether you have a Valentine this year, you can always afford to indulge in a little self-care. This weekend, celebrate yourself by taking a break from the stress of the semester and enjoying yourself! We’ve listed our ideas for the best Valentine’s Day weekend ever (no significant other required).

Repeat a mantra

Here at Class Tracker, we love a good mantra! A mantra can be a short phrase or sentence that you say to yourself to motivate, overcome stress, and just feel better. Some ideas include: “I am open and ready for everything good,” “I am capable and able to handle anything that comes my way,” or “I am completely okay and content with who I am right now.” You can also create your own mantra by identifying any key inspirational words that resonate with you. Try writing the mantra down or sticking it on your mirror for a quick reminder of your power. Any time you’re feeling like you could use an extra boost, repeat this mantra (either in your head or out loud) and start feeling better!

Take a social media break

Whether you realize it or not, social media is probably causing some anxiety and stress in your life. This weekend, consider taking a social media break. While this break might look like a full detox and an off-the-grid moment for some, for others, it might just mean deleting one or two social media apps from your own for 24 or 48 hours. No drastic actions need to take place here, but make an effort to reach for a book or start a new project any time you feel the urge to check Instagram this weekend.

Cultivate non-romantic relationships

Valentine’s Day is so focused on love and romance, but what about non-romantic relationships? What about your best friends, your family, or even old friends who you haven’t spoken to in a while? Try using this Valentine’s Day to cultivate those relationships, which are so meaningful to a full life. Take the time to call or text an old friend, FaceTime with your mom, or even write a handwritten letter to a long-distance bestie. The path towards deep and meaningful connection can be a little uncomfortable or awkward at first – especially if you haven’t talked to someone in a while – but give it a chance. It’s Valentine’s Day, and love can be expressed in many ways.

We hope you manage to carve out some extra time to take care of yourself this weekend! Let’s not forget that these ideas can be used any day and any time of the year – not just around Valentine’s Day! Schedule time to celebrate yourself all year long.