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Ways to Celebrate College Graduation Remotely

Ways to Celebrate College Graduation Remotely

With many graduation ceremonies being postponed or going remote this spring, some graduates feel rightly upset. After years of hard work and huge achievements, it’s definitely frustrating to be unable to walk across the graduation stage, accept your diploma, and hug your friends. However, there are still worthwhile ways to celebrate graduation remotely. 

Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

If you’re unable to celebrate graduation with friends, classmates, or professors, you can still celebrate with the loved ones around you. From the morning of the day of your graduation, spend time with others sheltering-in-place with you, whether that’s roommates, friends, family members, or a significant other. You will feel much better if you can talk to people about your accomplishments and how far you’ve come in the past four years.

Do What You Can to Celebrate!

So you might not be able to have a typical graduation party, but do what you can with those around you! Host a backyard barbeque with music, drinks, and games. Decorate your graduation cap and take graduation photos with it. Make a graduation photo collage with your favorite pictures from the past years. Blow up balloons, order a cake, and open presents. Do everything within your power to make your graduation day feel fun and celebratory. Just because you can’t have a huge party with all of your friends doesn’t mean that you can’t have a great day with your immediate circle.

Hold Video Calls

Schedule video calls with the people that you’re missing the most! Reach out to your fellow graduates and plan a time for a celebratory video conference. You could even incorporate this call into your graduation party, or just use the time to reflect on your fondest school memories. Don’t forget to connect with your favorite professors and faculty members over Zoom or phone call, letting them know that you appreciate them. 

If your school scheduled a virtual ceremony, don’t bail on it! This ceremony could be a great way to see friends and faculty over a video conference and get a sense of closure after years of hard work. Depending on the format of your virtual ceremony, you may get to say your name or virtually accept your diploma. Gather your circle around for this ceremony and be proud of yourself!

Reschedule for After COVID-19

While you can make the most of your remote graduation now, it’s also important to plan something special for when you can reconnect with friends and classmates in-person. There are lots of ideas for what to do after COVID-19 restrictions relax, and you probably already have your own plans, but consider scheduling a short trip with your friends, visiting your college for a weekend, doing an art project together, attending an event or concert, or planning a small ceremony for you and your friends for sometime in the fall. Remember that this time will eventually pass. One day in the near future you’ll be able to truly celebrate and feel fulfilled by your college experience, despite the current unfortunate circumstances.