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Summer Job Series: Looking For Prospects and Managing The Search

Summer Job Series: Looking For Prospects and Managing The Search

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be guiding you through our Summer Job Series here on the Class Tracker blog, where you can learn about everything you need to know as you enter your summer job or internship search. From resumes to networking and much more, we’ve got you covered. First up: Looking for Job Prospects and Managing Your Job Search.

There are various strategies to crush the summer job or internship search, but we recommend using a combination of approaches to successfully land your perfect role. While the search can feel overwhelming or stressful at times, our ideas should help you simplify the process. By identifying your goals, tracking your interests, and utilizing online resources, we’ve got some great tips to help you manage the job search.

Figure out what you want to do this summer

Maybe you don’t know what you want to do with your life, and that’s totally okay! Internships and summer jobs are the perfect way to help you figure out your long-term career plans and aspirations. Think about this summer as a chance to explore one area of interest in your life. Maybe you loved your economics class, so you’re hoping to learn more about finance and business. Or if you know that you like working with kids, consider a job as a summer camp counselor. Take some time to brainstorm your interests, and then think about translating those interests into summer jobs or internships. 

Create a job tracking spreadsheet

Once you have an idea for what you want to do with your summer, you’re going to need a way to track all of the interesting job positions that you’ll come across. We recommend creating a job tracking spreadsheet or document where you list all of the important information associated with each position that you plan on applying to. On this spreadsheet, create columns for the Company Name, Job Title, Link to Job Application, Job Location, Date Applied, Connections at the Job, and Notes and Next Steps. As you search for jobs, fill out this tracker with all of that information to stay on top of your search. Be sure to add dates to your notes and follow up so you can keep track of where you are in your process. This helpful spreadsheet will also make it easier to remember to follow up with recruiters or connections throughout the hiring process.

Search for jobs and internships with online resources

Now that you have some ideas for how you would like to spend your summer, take a look at online job boards and career resources. Many colleges and universities have their own job boards, like Handshake, but other resources include LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the career services office at your school to ask about opportunities as well. They might hear of roles from alumni or organizations affiliated with your school.

Before you apply, you’ll want to make sure your resume and cover letter are up-to-date and relevant. You’ll also want to check to see if you have any connections at the company where you’re applying. We’re going to provide some tips for resumes, cover letters, and networking in the coming weeks of our Summer Job Series, so stay tuned to learn more… For now, get started with these steps to prepare and organize for the exciting job and internship search ahead!