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Setting up Your Space for Online Classes

Setting up Your Space for Online Classes

As many schools have announced online classes for the upcoming fall semester, you might be feeling a little anxious about taking classes and studying from home. Depending on your living situation, you could be facing a distracting environment for the next few months. Whether you’re sharing a home with multiple people or living alone, you’re going to want to create a space to be productive. While it’s tempting to crawl into bed and watch online lectures under the covers, you’ll feel much better if you follow a routine, get dressed, and head to a space in another room or area to get work done every day. Your work space is crucial for performing well and studying effectively, so take some time to carve out a space that fits your needs.

Evaluate your options

Everyone has a different living environment. While some might have the luxury of multiple study spots to choose from, others are stuck in a bedroom or studio with just a few pieces of furniture. Either way, take a look at your environment and identify potential areas for work. Desks are a great place to start. Even if you don’t have a desk, consider furniture that could be used as a desk, such as a dresser, bedside table, or countertop. Maybe you have an old table in the basement that you can throw a tablecloth on and use as a makeshift desk! Once you have that important item, you can start considering your needs in a study area.

Consider your study needs

Some people like incredibly quiet study areas, while others like a little bit of noise. If possible, find a spot with natural light or a window to feel closer to nature. Additionally, think about the types of breaks that you enjoy taking. If you want enough room to stretch, find a space where you can lay down a yoga mat for quick stretching breaks. If you like snacks in between studying periods, consider setting up your study spot near the kitchen. And, if you’re stuck in one room, I would advise creating your study space as far away from your bed as possible to avoid blurring the line between sleep and work.

Design your perfect space

When designing your space, comfort and productivity should be your first priorities. Set up your chair, computer, notebooks, planner, and other study materials within reach. If you have the means, set up your computer at your head’s height to look directly at the screen. You could even stack the computer on top of books to keep it at eye’s level. Outside of your necessary materials, make sure that you stock your study space with fun items like pens, snacks, blankets, or slippers. Try posting inspirational notes or a vision board above your desk for added motivation. Overall, make sure that you’re keeping the space as organized as possible. Put each item back into its drawer or compartment at the desk at the end of each work day to maintain organization.

Make rules and boundaries for your space

Before you even start studying, make some personal rules for yourself around your space. For example, you could establish a rule to not use your phone while at your study space. You could set a guideline to make a to-do list each morning with a few important items. You could even enact the Pomodoro Method, where you study in 25-minute periods with 5-minute breaks interspersed throughout. Furthermore, let your family or roommates know when you will be studying and when you need quiet time. Put on a pair of headphones and tune out surrounding noise with our Class Tracker Study Tunes playlist, which will get you in the productivity zone. By communicating your needs to others, you can avoid conflicts when you’re around a small group of people for long periods of time. While these rules may seem unnecessary at first, they will ultimately be useful as you establish your routine for the online semester.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your study space, head over to our Pinterest board where you can find creative and smart ideas! Regardless of your individual situation, be sure to browse for a fun idea to build excitement for the upcoming semester, even if it’s at home!