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How to Welcome in a Better 2021

How to Welcome in a Better 2021

Welcome 2021

We’re all ready to be done with 2020. The year felt longer than most, and now that 2021 is here, we’re ready to welcome it with open arms. Say hello to 2021 and set your year off to a great start with our tips.

Establish a routine

What didn’t work for you in 2020? When you’re thinking about how to make 2021 better, start by evaluating the previous year. Think about your daily habits. Maybe sleeping in and staying up late makes you feel tired each morning, or maybe your habit of checking social media too often puts you in a poor headspace. Now is the perfect time to cut those unhealthy habits out of your life and implement a fresh routine. Replace each bad habit with something good, like waking up earlier and making yourself a delicious cup of tea to get the day started on the right foot. Or instead of checking social media incessantly, you might set reminders to check it once or twice each day. Replace your bad habits with good ones to get on track in 2021. 

Make fun plans 

While COVID-19 cancelled a lot of plans in 2020, the end is in sight! We’ll probably have to continue social distancing and wearing masks for some time, but we can also start making plans with friends and loved ones in the future. If there’s something special that you had to cancel in 2020, try to reschedule it in 2021. Whether it’s a vacation, a concert, or another special event, make some plans to anticipate in 2021.

Connect with others

While you’re making those exciting plans in 2021, don’t forget to include your friends and family! Make a point to connect with others this year. 2020 often felt isolating for many, but now that you’ve mastered video conferencing and staying in touch with long-distance friends, you’ll be an expert at maintaining strong relationships in 2021. Continue weekly FaceTimes with friends or make a plan to talk with friends whom you haven’t spoken to in a while. Connection is such an important part of your mental health, so make sure you’re putting in effort to keep in touch with people this year.

Welcome in a better 2021 with these three simple steps this January. By establishing a healthy routine, making fun plans for the future, and connecting with your loved ones, you can have a great year. Avoid dwelling on 2020 and remember that you’re going to make the most of the upcoming year!

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