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How to Reconnect With Old Friends Over Winter Break

How to Reconnect With Old Friends Over Winter Break

Are you home for Winter Break, looking for something to do? Now might be the perfect time to reconnect with your old high school friends. With many students returning to their hometowns for breaks, some of which could be extended or longer than usual due to COVID-19, it’s a great time to make an effort to meet up with people who you’ve lost touch with while at college. Whether you’re comfortable meeting in-person or would prefer to catch up over video or phone call, here are some tips for reconnecting with old friends over the break.

Don’t be shy

It’s easy to get inside your own head when considering reaching out to old friends. Do they still like me? What will we talk about? I’m sure it’s going to be awkward! These are all valid thoughts that might run through your head. But let’s remember that you have nothing to lose! Most people appreciate hearing from an old friend and are willing to make a plan to meet up, especially when they are stuck at home with not much else going on. And if you do get rejected? That’s okay too! Don’t take it personally, and just remember that you have other friends to connect with. Avoid waiting around for others to contact you and dive right in. Make a list of people who you would like to reconnect with, reach out over text, and construct a plan to hang out.

Plan a fun activity together

When you haven’t seen someone in a while, it’s a good idea to make a plan for a fun activity. Instead of just hanging out, looking for conversation topics, try getting outside, doing something active, or working on a project together. Watch a movie over Zoom together, go for a hike, or make dinner together (just make sure to respect COVID-19 social distancing guidelines!). When you have something to focus on, the interaction will be seamless and the time will fly by.

Stay in touch

After you’ve hung out, make a plan to stay in touch with one another. When you return home next time and are once again looking for a pal, it will be worth it to make an effort to keep the friendship alive while you’re apart. Even if it’s just a text once in a while, sending over a funny meme, or hopping on the phone for a quick call once a month, find a way to communicate every so often. While you may have moved on from high school, remember all of the good times with friends during those four years. It’s fully possible to maintain strong friendships with your high school friends while still living your life in college, so don’t forget about them! 

The holidays are definitely a time for relaxing, hanging out with family, and eating a lot of cookies, but they can also be an opportune time to reconnect with friends from the past. Make sure to respect COVID-19 boundaries and stay six feet apart from people while interacting, but also use this time to have fun, get outside, and try new things!