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How to Make Your Weekends Special During Covid-19

How to Make Your Weekends Special During Covid-19

Lately, weekends haven’t been feeling very much like weekends. With online classes, remote jobs, and few reasons to leave the house, time seems to converge and our weekdays have merged into weekends. Without the traditional differentiation between weekdays and weekends, there’s a good chance that you’re continuing to work on assignments, classes, and other academic projects when you should be relaxing. When the days are blurring together, it’s important that you establish a fun weekend routine to feel fully refreshed going into the next week. Ahead, we have a few ways to make your weekend special during this challenging time.

Start a fun project

Put aside those study materials and notes to start a fun project of your choosing. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy – pick up a pen and give it a try! Or maybe you’re interested in baking – pull some new recipes and get cooking! Make developing a new skill or hobby a priority over your weekend. If you have an old skill that you’d like to pick up again, such as knitting or speaking a language, now’s also a great time to get back into it. While it might take a little investment in some materials to get started, you can also find some great resources online from sites like Skillshare and Coursera.

Connect with others

When you’re staring at your computer throughout the week, it can be difficult to deeply connect with friends, classmates, and family members. The weekend is your time to foster meaningful relationships with loved ones. If you’re living alone, schedule hang-outs over video conferencing to check in with friends and family. You could even make dinner together or watch a movie together virtually. If you’re comfortable, you could plan a socially-distanced get-together on your front porch or in your backyard. Encourage your guests to bring their own food and socialize from six feet apart. Most importantly, focus on having fun and shifting your attention away from your normal Monday through Friday routine.

Organize and refresh for the coming week

Set aside a few hours every Saturday or Sunday to organize your space (and your mind!). If you’ve been busy that week, you might have neglected to clean your room or organize your possessions. Take a bit of time to put on some music, do a deep clean, and put everything away. If you’re feeling up for it, you could even do a full closet clean out or kitchen reorganization. Some simple cleaning will make you feel productive and ready to tackle the week ahead, leaving you with a decluttered mind and physical space. 

Once you’ve cleaned thoroughly, consider taking on a DIY project or small home renovation. With a little planning and maybe some Pinterest inspiration, you could start a garden in your backyard, make decorations for your room, or arrange flowers for your dining room table. Given that you’re spending so much time indoors, you might want to spruce up your scenery a little bit.


Above all, your weekend should be your time to relax. Check out some of our self-care tips to explore what meaningful self-care looks like for you, and then get into the habit of practicing self-care each weekend. If you don’t feel like starting a new passion project or cleaning out your room this weekend, that’s totally okay. Instead, use your free time to catch up on sleep, make nourishing food, and move your body. There’s no “right” way to spend your weekend, as long as you go into each Monday feeling relaxed and prepared for anything during the difficult times of Covid-19.

How did you spend your weekends before the pandemic? While some of those activities may not be possible now, you’ll probably still be able to incorporate others into your present life. Whether it’s trying something new, connecting with loved ones, organizing, or just chilling, be sure to differentiate your weekends from your weekdays to make them just a little more special.

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