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How to Cope if You Think School Will Be Online Next Semester

How to Cope if You Think School Will Be Online Next Semester

Thinking your school might be remote next semester? Now that schools are releasing plans for returning to campus, or having students continue with remote learning in the spring, it feels like a tough time to be a student. We’re here for you. We understand how frustrating it can feel to be stuck at home, unable to return to campus for yet another quarter or semester. While there’s not much that you can do about your school’s policy, you can make sure that you have a good semester by taking steps to boost your wellbeing wherever you are.

Set up your study space

We’ve discussed this before in previous blog posts, but we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to set up your own study space. Design your perfect study space by evaluating your study needs, considering your options, and filling the space with items that bring you joy. Whether it’s a delicious-smelling candle or a comfy pillow, bring things into the space that will actually encourage you to focus and study all semester.

Set boundaries with your roommates

If you haven’t already done so, it’s super important to establish boundaries with whomever you’re living with. Let your family members or roommates know when you need quiet time to study and when noise can be tolerated. By communicating your needs to others, you can avoid conflicts that may arise in the upcoming semester. This open communication will ultimately be useful as you establish a healthy routine for the online semester.

Find new hobbies and other activities

The online semester can seem daunting at first – there are so many readings, exams, and papers to be completed. Doing all of it from home seems especially difficult, which is why it’s so important to remind yourself to build a life outside of school. Find hobbies and interests that are completely unrelated to school to fill your time. Try new things! Anything from embroidery to volleyball to learning a new language could give you something fun outside of school to look forward to every day.

Stay in touch with high school and college friends

If you’re far away from friends during your remote semester, life can get a little lonely. Avoid isolation by staying in contact with both your high school and college friends. Schedule weekly phone calls, Zoom meet-ups, or socially distant in-person hang outs to catch up. If you’re back in your hometown for the semester, now might be the perfect time to reconnect with high school friends. Along with your newfound hobbies, these opportunities for connection will break up your remote schooling and bring you joy.

Plan fun events to look forward to

Lastly, we advise you to plan events that you’ll anticipate each week. While it’s hard to know when this pandemic will end and when we can resume with concerts, parties, and large in-person gatherings, there are still tons of safe and fun activities to look forward to. Plan a socially-distant backyard get-together, go for a solo weekend road trip, or redesign a space in your home. Find little things to motivate you each week and the semester will fly by!

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