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Five Ideas to Perfect Your Evening Routine

Five Ideas to Perfect Your Evening Routine

Looking to upgrade your evening routine? If your current routine looks something like throwing on sweatpants, watching Netflix, and scrolling through Instagram before turning off your light past midnight, then we have some ideas for you. Start getting better sleep, feeling refreshed for your next day, and gaining clarity each night with our ideas for a fulfilling evening routine.


Meditating is one of our favorite self-care activities, and for good reason. Meditation helps you manage stress, gain perspective, and live presently. While some people prefer to meditate in the morning, meditating after a long and busy day might be the perfect time to reflect. The physical and emotional benefits of meditation will allow you to head into a deep and restful slumber.


In addition to meditation, journaling is one of the best ways to calm your brain and relieve anxiety. You don’t have to journal in the traditional deep thoughts and inner feelings way, either. Journaling comes down to writing down whatever is on your mind! Find some prompts online if you’re feeling uninspired, or just write down what you’re grateful for. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try writing down your plan for the next day – you can even journal in our Ultimate Student Planner!


Staring at your phone before bed is doing you no favors. Instead, pick up a physical book to read. Turn off all devices, say goodbye to binge-watching, and get lost in a good book. Try setting aside just 20 minutes each night to read before bed, helping you feel tired and easing you into a good night of sleep.

Do something creative

An art project or passion project is another way to avoid any digital distractions before bed. Painting, embroidery, coloring, and knitting are all calming options. The repetitive nature of some of these tasks will lull you to sleep in no time. 

Do yoga

Just a few minutes of stretching each night is exactly what your body needs after a long day. Find a relaxing yoga video on YouTube, roll out your mat, and focus on your breathing. Similar to meditation, yoga allows for some inward reflection, perspective, and stress relief each night.

As the sun sets earlier and the temperatures get colder, this winter is the perfect time to establish your evening routine. Even after a long day, completing one or two of these activities will improve your sleep quality and leave you feeling refreshed for the days ahead. Let us know your favorite evening routine ideas in the comments!