Simple features make a difference

Whether classes rotate throughout the week or alternate throughout the semester, each week is synced to match your school's bell schedule or classes along with your academic calendar, ensuring that students are prepared for what's next. Each week contains thoughtful features to keep students organized and help them manage their time. Special layouts are created to accommodate holidays, exams and special schedules. Browse the gallery to see how schools have customized their planners.

  • Standard Planner

  • Alternating Block Schedule (A/B)

    Students attend 6-8 block classes over two days. The schedule alternates weekly.

  • Modified Block (Block 2 days/week)

    Students attend each class four times a week with one block of extended time.

  • Modified Block (Block 4 days/week)

    Students attend each class three times a week with four blocks of extended time.

  • Rotating Periods

    Students attend each class three or four times a week on a rotating schedule.

  • Subject-based (ideal for middle school)

    Students record their homework by subject independent of time of class.

  • Traditional Schedule

    Student attends classes every day in the same order.

  • Teacher Planner

    The teacher planner helps teachers stay organized, manage their day and keep track of their multiple to-do lists.

LesleyWeekly Layouts