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Only planner I'll buy!

My daughter is a high school sophomore and has tried a variety of planners to keep track of her homework. We have bought this planner several years in a row given the clear layout, fun stickers for reminders, and the helpful categories ("Remember to" box with spaces to make a checkmark when completed; upcoming quizzes/tests/projects box). This planner facilitates organization and task management, and also has a WONDERFUL "Self Care Corner" to remind busy teens to also prioritize their mental and physical health! Compact and convenient size that stands up to daily use. Love this planner!

Very Helpful!

This planner has been so helpful in keeping me organized throughout the school year. I really love it and plan to keep using this company/planner for the rest of my school career and even after.

So helpful

I absolutely love this planner and am never going back to anything but Class Tracker

Love it!

I am a senior in high school and keeping track of everything can be super tricky. This planner allowed me to organize all my school related and personal events. I loved being able to organize my day in such an efficient way. I definitely will be purchasing for college!

So Great

I've purchased three of these and every year I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this planner. Helps me stay focused on my tasks and helps me keep on top of my assignments. Absolutely five starts.

A loyal member

I have been using class tracker for 4 semesters now. I am a very busy college student and have tried many a planner but this is the one that works best for me! It helps me organize my assignments and keep track of tests. I even love the little self care corner (even though I am bad at it) I do miss the plastic cover for the front because my new planner is a little more beat up than my last one. Overall though it works perfectly for me and I will be a loyal customer for as long as I am in school. (Plus they are super cute).

Best planner EVER

This planner helped me stay on top of my case load all year long. It is super durable too! Would totally recommend to anyone who gets disorganized. I plan on buying another for 2023

In love

I have been looking for a good planner that I can keep up with for years and this is the first good one i’ve found. I love that it has a place for me to write separately for assignments, tests, and activities.

Great Planner

I’ve now bought this planner twice and I absolutely love it! Very versatile and useful!!

Great for Students

My son has used Class Tracker planners since high school...he is now a senior in college. They help him stay organized and on top of classes and assignments.

I use this all the time to keep track of all the deadlines I have for homework and my jobs. It's easy to modify for my own planning style and I like the personal health checklist in the bottom corner.

Great Planner

Keeps your organized and is exactly what I was looking for.

College Edition 2022-2023
Makenna Waddell

Such a great quality product. It hasn’t fallen apart in my book bag like all of my other ones. There’s enough space to write out my entire schedule and keep track of all my assignments I need to do. I also love the little self care corner because it reminds me to journal :)

great college planner

love this planner - have used it for three years in college. i bought this because other planners never worked for me. love the set up and how customizable it is.

Perfect planner

I LOVE this planner! I am a college student with a relatively busy schedule and this planner does it all! I able to write out my day and write out my assignments. I also learned that setting the three goals for your day is extremely motivating! Overall 10/10 for a student planner!!!

Great Planner

I bought this for my son two years ago for his freshman year in college. Last year, year he requested it. He said it was super helpful to have visual weekly and monthly calendar pages.

Something tangible in a digital world!

I got this planner for my daughter as she entered HS based on rave reviews and it did not disappoint. it’s laid out with sections for each class daily makes it simple. I’m the age of digital calendars I still think something tangible feels REAL in your hands. And it’s small enough to feel convenient

Lovely, Basic Planner!

I’ve been using this planner for the first time this school year and it is very flexible and it doesn’t matter if you skip a week because you date it yourself! I enjoy the layout of the pages, however I would like some more options on the font or the cover design.

The Best Thing Ever

I am such a planner person. I like to be able to write down every single hour of every single day so I can see when I have time to study/take a nap/go to the gym. This planner has all the things you want/need. It helps you stay organized with different lists and lines. Honestly, I really love this planner-people always ask where I got it and I always tell them because I highly recommend this planner! One thing I would say: I have a lot of assignments due on Sunday/Saturday and those are the days that have the smallest sections, maybe an option for Saturday/Sunday being a bit bigger?

College Edition 2022-2023
Ryn Eichelberger

I started researching planners because I’m a full-time student with ADHD. This planner looked perfect because it was one of the few planners I found that was actually catered to the needs of students. I also liked the price since most planners I looked at were in the $40-$50 range. I don’t love the cover and I wish there were prettier options, but I appreciate that this is a straightforward planner without extra frills. The self-care corner is one of my favorite elements since it’s a good reminder during busy times. I’ll probably buy one again for next school year.

so useful!

I choose this planner because of the page setup, and I really love using it. It has been so helpful to keep my assignments and activities in order. It’s simple and it works!

College planner

This planner has kept me organized my entire college career.

Love it, so helpful!!

I’m a BIG planner person and while I wasn’t really so stoked on the looks on the covers, the organization of the inside was JUST what I needed. I’m a college student and a psych major if that helps apply to you at all. Having the assignments up top and the to-do at the bottom was a split that was actually super helpful for me so I could organize my assignments into a priority list. Hope this helps!

Fantastic planner!

I purchased this planner for graduate school! Truly a wonderful purchase!
As I had many projects and deadline I needed to meet writing it all down on a calendar was helpful! Including being a Mom this calendar was a necessity to keep track of all events!
This calendar is a must buy to stay organized! Love my planner!

Best planner!

I bought this planner for my final year of nursing school, it helps keep my assignments and my day organized! It was very affordable for the value!