Frequently Asked Questions

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ClassTracker planners are customized to your school’s daily schedule and/or classes. They’re specifically designed to empower students to easily manage their time by organizing assignments and after school activities.

Studies show that students remember things better when they write them down. Because it’s organized by class or period, students are forced to write down assignments from each class, creating an organized homework plan. Plus, unless with web-based tools, students have easy access to the information they need, when they need it, no wifi, log in or charging needed.

In general, all materials need to be to ClassTracker by mid-June or before; however, we are happy to work with you if you need some extra time. If your materials can be ready by May 1 you could qualify for preferential pricing.

Files are shared using a shared DropBox or Google Drive folder (client preference).

School Events: All school events are submitted in an excel or spreadsheet file. If your school uses a central calendar (Google calendar, etc.), ClassTracker will help you export the information into excel to avoid double entry.

Handbook and other reference materials: All reference materials are submitted electronically in word format.

Cover and interior images: ClassTracker provides an information sheet with specific guidelines for submitting artwork. All artwork is high resolution .psd, .ai, .jpeg, .tiff or .pdf files.

ClassTracker sets up a shared google document to track all the different deadlines. Additionally, you will receive friendly email and/or phone reminders in the weeks prior to deadlines.

Yes. You will have the opportunity to see a first, second and final draft of you planner in .pdf format. ClassTracker aims to delight our customers so if you notice something that needs adjustment after the final draft is posted, we are more than happy to make the change at no extra charge.

Minimum order is 50 planners.

Price varies depending on the number of pages and planners ordered. ClassTracker is happy to provide a custom quote. Please contact us directly for more information.

Price is based on a total number of pages and the development of all materials, from front to back cover, are included. For all planners, this includes developing a design for weekly layout to meet your specific school’s needs, incorporation of class rotations and/or special schedules, and placement of school events and holidays. If you elect to include any additional materials (month overview pages, handbook materials and/or reference pages), the development of those pages will be included in the price.

No. All ClassTracker planners are custom-made for each school.