Customized Academic Planners

The buzz on campus.

Sir Francis Drake High School loves their new ClassTracker student planners. We finally have a planner that meets the needs of our unique calendar, unusual block schedule and divergent curricula. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have gotten nothing but high praise about ClassTracker from students and staff. It is tailor-made for our school and it fits perfectly. It's a huge hit.

– John A. Carroll, Assistant Principal, Sir Francis Drake High School

It's wonderful that ClassTracker is an assignment book that students actually use. They know what and when things are due. Students are more organized and responsible as a result.

– Peter Foster, Mathematics Teacher

In 15 years of teaching, I've never seen kids use a planner as effectively as they do their ClassTrackers. Since adopting ClassTrackers, I have noticed that students are on top of their assignments and turn in more homework.

– Augusto Andres, Social Studies Teacher

I just wanted to tell you what a great planner you designed. The planners we were given before this one had a lot of problems. Either they were too large, too bulky, oddly designed, or their structure was disorganized. Yet I and all of my friends really appreciate your planner. It's organized, easy to use, and I like the artwork and quotes dispersed throughout--very original!!!!

– Alexi, Student

I am emailing you to let you know how much I like the day planner you designed for our school. I love that it is specifically for our school and not so generic as last year's. I use the planner to write down my homework each night, and tests and projects coming up, and sometimes I even write little schedules for myself. It really helps me prioritize school work. It also reduces my stress level when I can write out all of my homework. That way I won't forget anything, and I can see it more clearly on paper than in my head.

– Marissa, Student

I am disorganized at times, and the planner helps keep me more organized and informed of events that are going on at school. I also enjoy reading the quotes. The planner also helps me organize events that happen out of class and the holidays that are coming up.

– Kyla, Student